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decoding the colours of warning lights

Warning lights are essential for firetrucks, police cruisers, ambulances, and tow trucks. These lights come in a variety of colours, with each relaying a specific message.

At SWS Warning Lights we offer a variety of lights, which can be purchased in various colours. When purchasing these lights, a common question we’re asked by our customers is what colour warning light should I buy?

To help you choose which colour is best for your vehicle, we’re going to be explaining the different colour types and what they represent:

Red Warning Flashing Lights

Red lights are associated with emergency situations. They’re commonly used in police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances. Red lights can also be used along with blue lights, or white lights.

If your work requires you to move quickly in an emergency, a red light is a must-have for your vehicle.

Amber Beacon Lights

These bright lights are used to provide a visual alert to hazardous conditions. As soon as people see an amber light flashing, they know to proceed with caution.

When used on a vehicle, the amber beacon light indicates the vehicle may pose an obstacle to traffic, which is why you may see them on a large vehicle like a snow plough.

This colour of light might be right for you if your work requires providing support in dangerous situations or performing dangerous work. 

Blue Flashing Beacon Light

Most of the time blue flashing beacon lights are used in law enforcement vehicles. In Ontario they’re permitted for use in combination with red flashing lights. The combination of colours is meant to increase visibility and public recognition of police vehicles, especially when police officers are working on the highway.

A blue light signals to drivers you’re performing an important task and have the right to reach your destination in any necessary way, whether it be by exceeding speed limits or travelling through red lights.

Green Beacon Light

In Ontario, volunteer firefighters can place flashing green lights in their vehicles if they’re responding to an emergency call. Like the other mentioned lights, these lights are meant to signal to other motorists they’re travelling to an emergency.

White Warning Flashing Lights

White flashing lights are commonly used in combination with red lights on emergency vehicles. The combination of colours helps to further improve the visibility of the emergency lighting. White lights may also be in conjunction with amber lights in security vehicles. 

Regardless of the colour of warning light you need, SWS Warning Lights can help! We offer durable industrial-grade warning lights. Give us a call the next time you need to update your fleet.

Tom Chopp is Managing Partner at SWS Warning Lights Inc. He can be reached at 905-357-0222 or tom@warninglightsinc.co

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