Highway Snow Plow Lighting


highway snowplow lighting

Winter is always a tough time for drivers. With all the snow and ice that gets on the roads, it can be hard to keep your car in good condition as well as yourself safe while driving. In some areas of North America, it is even more difficult because there are so many cars on the road at one time that traffic slows down to an absolute crawl. This means that drivers must take extra care when they get behind the wheel because even small mistakes can result in big consequences like getting stuck in a ditch or causing an accident. As the snow begins to pile up on the roads, drivers usually begin to panic and frantically try to get where they are going. After all, it’s not just a snowstorm; it is winter as a whole, that can make driving dangerous.

During these times, highway snowplow lighting is extremely important for your safety and others. It not only makes it easier for you and other drivers to see where you are in relation to one another but also helps other motorists know when it is safe for them to pass or change lanes.

Safety on the Roads in Winter should be a Top Priority for all Organizations who Operate Snowplows.

The winter season is a dangerous time for roads, and snowplows are an important part of keeping the roads clear. However, these vehicles pose risks to other drivers as well as their operators. Snowplow lighting can help alleviate some of the dangers associated with operating a snowplow by making it easier for other drivers to see them on the road.

Snowplows are necessary for clearing snow from highways and main roads in order to keep them safe for driving. They are often large vehicles that can do significant damage if they collide with another vehicle or obstacle in their path; however, they also present dangers even when they themselves are not moving: Snowplow lights illuminate a larger area around the operator than headlights alone would be able to do (making it easier for other drivers to see what’s ahead), while lights placed at eye level help reduce glare from headlights behind them so that operators can more easily see what’s happening around them without having their vision obstructed by blinding light coming from behind them.

Snowplow Vehicle Lights will Enhance your Truck’s Visibility and Safety and Determine how well you can see.

Lights are an essential component of snow removal and highway maintenance vehicles. They help you see, and they help others see you. Whether you’re driving a plow truck or a snowplow vehicle, the lights will enhance your truck’s visibility and safety and determine how well you can see.

When it comes to visibility, there are two main reasons why lighting is so important:

  • First, it allows other drivers to easily identify your vehicle as a snow removal or highway maintenance vehicle. This helps increase safety because it allows other drivers to recognize that they should be keeping their distance when behind your truck.
  • Second, headlights allow people to tell at night what type of vehicle is approaching them on the road ahead—a valuable piece of information when deciding whether or not an object might pose danger (such as another car).

The Canadian Government recognizes the Importance of Highway Snowplow Lighting.

Many Canadian jurisdictions use different snowplow configurations with respect to signing, lighting, colour, shape, and size. This lack of consistency makes it even more challenging for drivers to correctly identify a snowplow and respond appropriately. Uncertainty, slow response, and inappropriate driver reactions can lead to collisions.

They have a Snowplow Lighting Program and a Snowplow Lighting Guide, as well as other resources to help you prepare for winter conditions. The guide was developed through a volunteer committee comprised of representatives of TAC’s standing committees on Road Safety, Traffic Operations and Management, and Maintenance and Construction. The objective of the guide is to enable road authorities and winter maintenance service providers to increase snow removal equipment visibility and to work towards increasing the consistency of the appearance of snowplows across Canada. Motorist safety is enhanced when snowplows can be detected and recognized with adequate time to respond appropriately. Visibility and consistency of appearance are the key factors for detection and recognition.

Understanding The Colours Used in Emergency Vehicles

Police/peace officers use a combination of blue and red lights. Amber lights are used for parking/bylaw enforcement, construction, and utility vehicles. Amber with white lights is generally used in security vehicles. Snow removal vehicles in Ontario use blue lights too (as long as blue flashing lights are not used along with red flashing lights), while amber is used for municipal snow removal and amber and blue are used in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The history of Snowplow Lighting spans over 50 years and reveals that plows have come a long way in terms of their ability to light up the night sky for Roadway Maintenance Crews.

Snowplow lights were first introduced in 1959 by General Motors, who sought to improve safety for road crews at night by installing flashing amber lights on their vehicle’s front bumpers. In 1962, Pennsylvania became the first state to mandate an illuminated snowplow dash as part of its highway department’s policy.

Later iterations of these early SWS models featured two main components: a high-intensity rotating beacon (HIRB) and a strobe lamp mounted on top of it. The HIRB itself was powered by DC current supplied by batteries rated at 55 AWG or lower; this allowed them to work continuously without interruption, even during shifts in weather such as heavy rain or snowfall conditions (both common occurrences throughout North America).

SWS has made Snowplow Lighting better, brighter, and more reliable through continuous Research and Development Efforts.

SWS has been in the business of making snowplow lighting for many years. With all our experience, we’ve realized that many drivers and contractors are unaware of the benefits and importance of having a clear view in front of them when operating a snowplow at night as well as warning Lights to alert oncoming traffic. SWS has made snowplow lighting better, brighter, and more reliable through continuous research and development efforts, which includes:

  • Designing better optics to control glare, improve visibility and reduce eye fatigue
  • Developing higher-quality glass lenses that resist fogging even in humid environments or after being subjected to extreme temperatures
  • Using anodized aluminum reflectors instead of painted reflectors which prevents corrosion from developing on the surface
  • Meets or exceeds TAC Standards for Beacons, Mini lightbars, and Warning Sticks
  • Meets MTO Standards ES-2410001, ES-2420001, & ES-2200012
  • Rugged, Durable aluminum and polycarbonate construction
  • Quick connection system for easy installation and winter/summer modification
  • Automatic ambient light photosensor for nighttime Dim mode
  • Latest generation LEDs – no bulbs to replace or moving parts to fail

Snowplowing is dangerous enough without having to worry about what you can’t see or who can’t see you. If there are no lights installed on your vehicle, it becomes impossible to know where your vehicle will end up when you hit a patch of ice or slushy pavement while driving at high speeds. Installing snowplow lights on your truck will prevent accidents from happening because drivers will be able to clearly see where cars are stopping and starting ahead of time so they may avoid hitting them accidentally while trying not to lose control due solely too much speed (which could happen if there were no lights). Happy plowing!

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