methods to maximize focus and productivity

In a world of constant connection, stimulation, and notifications, staying focused can feel impossible at times. Every time your mind wanders at work, you waste more energy and time trying to get it back on track. Research shows that on average, desk job employees lose about 2.1 hours a day to distractions and interruptions. That adds up to over a full day of work each week being lost to lack of focus.

As a company that has supplied safety lights to commercial fleets for over 50 years, we know the importance of focusing on getting good work done. So, with the full scope of this problem now in perspective, this blog will suggest how you can reduce distractions and. We’ll also highlight methods to maximize focus and productivity at work!

Stop multitasking

Distractions are expensive. Besides lost time, being unfocused inhibits problem-solving, planning, memory and decision-making. While interruptions are bound to happen, being able to focus single-mindedly on a task largely comes down to eliminating distractions that are within your control.

Seeing as 44% of all work-related distractions are self-inflicted, eliminating multitasking ensures that you’re focusing fully on one task at a time. This will help you accomplish more, in less time.

Set goals and break them down

While it’s tempting to jump between multiple tasks at once, taking the time to set clear, actionable goals with deadlines gives you clarity and structure. While self-imposed deadlines can be too flexible for some, hard deadlines with coworkers or employers work to effectively hold you accountable.

If you already work with deadlines, take the next step in productivity by learning how can you break goals down into smaller chunks to work as safely and effectively as possible.

Learn your industry ergonomics

In our many years providing top-quality safety lights for heavy-duty vehicles, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of proper ergonomics. Workplaces that focus on improving ergonomics specific to their industry can experience a 25% increase in productivity.

It’s no wonder that leading companies integrate this as a top priority in their workspaces. Whether you’re in an office or a construction site, learning how to work smart is always a good idea.

Eat a light lunch

Many of us experience more focus and energy in the morning, with productivity beginning to wane after lunch. Whether you’re an office take-out eater, or fast-food lover, the energy needed to digest a large lunch can hinder your ability to focus.

Additionally, dehydration plays a large role in focus, especially if you’re working jobs that require your physical labor. You should always eat and hydrate properly.

So, as you fuel up for the afternoon, consider loading your lunch with Vitamin B (we lose this quickly when exposed to stress) and monitoring your hydration to avoid sluggishness and fatigue.

Say no to overload

Burn-out and lack of proper breaks are a major contributor to productivity loss. At SWS Warning Lights, we value excellent customer service, quality, and durability. When it comes to employee focus and productivity, those values matter just as much as they do for our products. That’s why we advocate for collaboration and communication.

For many of us though, saying no is outside our comfort zone, especially when it comes to the workplace. If that’s the case for you, visit this blog to learn more about stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Overall, these methods to maximize focus and productivity involve being mindful and intentional about the way you work. The goal is to find a way of working for you that is sustainable and reliable in the long-term.

As a company that started small with our safety lighting back in 1969, we know all about what that takes.

Find out more about our story today and choose SWS Warning Lights to make your workplace the safest it can be.

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