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Winter is coming, and so are the snow plows. As the cold season approaches, so does the annual struggle to stay on top of snow removal.

Working around the clock, dedicated snowplow operators clear snow and spread salt over streets and parking lots to ensure the rest of us are able to travel to and from safely.

And it’s not just municipal snow plows that will be working hard come winter! Private snow removal contractors are also in for a busy season.

Today, we’ll look at some of the joys, strains and challenges known to face those working in the independent snowplow industry– and how our latest line of Blue and Amber warning lights made for Alberta can help these unsung heroes of winter.

The Joys of Winter Snow Removal

Freshly fallen snow

Waking up early to plow isn’t always fun, especially on a Saturday. But waking up to a fresh white blanket of snow covering your city is an experience unlike any other.

Having the chance to drive your truck through a freshly plowed road—feeling the smoothness beneath your tires as you roll over piles of white powder—is something that can only be described as magical.

Never the same thing twice

Working in the winter snow removal industry is never boring.

With independent snow removal, there’s always something new on the horizon: you might be called in to help another company with a job, or you might have to deal with an unusually heavy storm that requires you to work a few extra hours.

In any case, it’s like working on an exciting new project every day– it never gets old!

Play an important role in public safety

Independent snow plow companies are crucial in keeping our communities safe during the winter months.

In fact, many drivers take great honor in their positions– as they should! Without their hard work and dedication, our cities would be buried under snow for months, making it nearly impossible for people to travel safely.

The role of an independent plow driver is not just about clearing roads—it’s about being a part of a community and ensuring that everyone has access to safety.

Challenges of an Independent Snow Plow Company

Massive Labor Shortages

Hundreds of snowplow drivers are needed nationwide each year.

However, the erratic hours and on-call nature of the job make it incredibly challenging to retain qualified, valuable crew members, causing some contractors to even forego contracts in fear of being unable to staff them.

When Mother Nature Calls– You Must Come

One of the most cited challenges expressed among independent snow plow drivers is the unpredictability that comes along with the job.

Snow can come at any time, and when it does, snow plow drivers must be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. In addition to this, they often work 12-hour shifts, which can be extremely taxing as they are required to concentrate in hazardous conditions for long periods of time.

Canada’s Upcoming ‘Winter Whiteout’

A winter whiteout is on its way! According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac 2024 long-range winter weather forecast, this wintertime Canada will see significant amounts of snow coupled with seasonably cold temperatures at or below normal.

To prepare, private snow and ice removal businesses must begin planning for the busy winter snow removal season ahead. This includes hiring crews, performing any necessary maintenance on equipment and securing contracts with new clients.

Before the season begins, consider completing the following:

  • Renew previous year’s contracts
  • Start advertising
  • Reach out to potential clients
  • Perform maintenance and any necessary repairs on equipment
  • Stock up on supplies
  • Organize snowfall crew schedules
  • Hire crews

Warning Lights and Private Snow Plow Removal

When it comes to snow plows, visibility is everything.

If you own a pickup truck with a snow plow, you might think that it’s unnecessary to have your vehicle equipped with high-visibility warning lights. After all, your truck isn’t plowing snow on the highway at 80 km/h. However, it’s just as important for commercial trucks with plows to be outfitted with warning lights so that they can be seen and safe on the road.

When you’re driving in poor visibility conditions like a snowstorm, warning lights are essential. They help alert crew members, other drivers and pedestrians of your presence so that they can take the necessary steps to keep themselves safe.

Warning lights are a critical part of your safety kit. Not only will they help other people see where you’re going, but they’ll also make it easier for you to see what’s ahead of you!

Blue and Amber Warning Lights on Snow Plows

In Alberta, recent legislation has warranted the use of Blue Flashing lights in combination with Amber Flashing lights on snowplows, as well as several other vehicles, to ensure better visibility and safety.

In line with this legislation, SWS Warning Lights has developed our product offering to include several new blue light products. Get to know them and how they can help fleets in Alberta with this year’s removal of snow.

  • Slim Eclipse Minibar: Keep workers and vehicles safe with the latest addition to our professional-grade minibars. The Slim Eclipse Minibar emits amber 280 degrees out of 3 sides and blue out one side.
  • Warning Sticks: The same industry-trusted Titan Warning Sticks, only in blue. Available in a number of sizes to suit your heavy-duty vehicle fleet.
  • Surface Mountsfrom round and oval perimeter lights to low-profile perimeter lights, we have all your amber and blue surface mounts to stay safe this winter season.

Make Independent Winter Snow Removal Safe With SWS

When it comes to snow removal safety, you can’t afford to compromise. And that’s why we’re here. We’ve got the best Alberta Flashing Blue and Amber warning lights on the market, designed specifically to meet all of your commercial snow plow requirements.

We know that when you’re out there in the cold and dark, keeping your workers safe is your first priority—and it should be! That’s why we’ve put every effort into making sure that our products are as reliable and durable as possible.

Contact us today and let us help ensure that the safety requirements of your commercial snow plow are up to par with our Alberta Flashing Blue and Amber warning lights.

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