story of bravery and triumph

Last month, SWS Warning Lights announced a new initiative to support SickKids’ mission to deliver world-class health care to young patients and their families in a wide range of clinical disciplines.

Between October 3, 2021, and December 31, 2021, SWS will contribute $2.00 to the SickKids Foundation for every SWS minibar and $1.00 for every SWS beacon sold.

“SWS is proud to contribute a portion of our sales to support SickKids. We expect that our partnership will make a significant impact on the health and well-being of children who come to SickKids from all over the world.” – Tom Chopp, Managing Partner, SWS Warning Lights Inc.

To help illustrate the vital work that SickKids does every day, we wanted to share the story of Emily Lyn Moore. Emily’s life was transformed thanks to the heroic efforts of SickKids’ healthcare team.


Emily was only 11 years-old when her parents walked into her room to find her not breathing, her face a bright purple colour.

“We immediately sought medical assistance,” says her father, George Moore, a Managing Partner at SWS Warning Lights. “After 4 to 6 months of tests and a second episode, doctors informed us that Emily had epilepsy.”

Emily was prescribed several medications to help manage her condition. However, the four years of treatment began to take their toll on her schoolwork and social life. It was then that her family and doctors started exploring brain surgery as a possible solution to Emily’s seizures.

This decision started the Moore family’s SickKids journey.

“The professionalism of the neurology wing of the hospital treated us with great care and warm-heartedness,” says George. “They paid constant attention to our needs. The care they shared right from the beginning was incredible.”

&After consulting with SickKids doctors about the possible benefits and potential hazards of the procedure, which initially involved only removing a pea-sized area of her brain, the Moore family felt confident enough to go ahead with the surgery.

During the procedure, doctors determined that the size of the section that needed removing was closer to the size of a soap bar.

“We were devastated,” George says. “We weren’t sure what the effects would be or what the road ahead for Emily looked like.”

story of bravery and trimphAfter surgery, Emily had difficulty speaking and could only manage spelling the first two letters of her name. At almost 16 years old, her cognitive ability was equal to a two or three-year-old.

However, the team at SickKids didn’t let the family go through recovery alone. They set up a program that would help Emily return to her former self.

“It was phenomenal how attentive the entire staff was,” George says. “The surgical team knew precisely how to get Emily engaged in the next process of her procedure. The nurses spoke to us regularly to give us peace of mind and reassured us when we shared our deepest fears. Emily loved how fresh the food was and enjoyed the mascot who came around periodically. This was premium health care at a level I have never observed in medical professionals before or since.”

It’s now been nine years after Emily’s surgery. After working hard through her recovery, Emily graduated high school only six months later than her peers. She has now lived on her own in Australia for four years, including two years of post-secondary education. She is now thriving in her craft and has recently purchased her first car.

“Emily’s future is bright because of the success of our SickKids experience,” George says. “We are very thankful to the entire wing of SickKids that helped Emily and our family through a challenging time. Our family have become regular donors to SickKids ever since.”


Emily’s story is a happy one but certainly not unique. Dozens of in and out-patients rely on SickKids to help their children receive and recover from serious illnesses.

You can help support our commitment to SickKids by placing your amber light orders before December 31, 2021. Your purchase will improve the safety of your vehicles and work crews during the upcoming winter season while ensuring that children like Emily have a bright, healthy future.

This fundraising initiative includes minibars or beacons from our new SELECT series of transformative amber light products. Available exclusively from SWS Warning Lights, our cost-effective SELECT products are among the most reliable and durable amber lights on the market. Contact SWS at 1-877-357-0222 or through our website to find the perfect amber light products for your vehicles and help support SickKids families today!

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