value of mentorship in your business

You’ve probably heard successful people being described as “self-made”. While it’s true that most high-achievers put in a lot of hard work to get where they are, they likely had one or more mentors who helped them achieve their objectives along the way.

This approach applies to virtually any professional role you can think of. For example, the greatest athletes in the world rely on coaching mentors to maintain hope and confidence before they compete. The most talented chefs are trained and mentored by skilled professionals throughout their careers. Successful business leaders have also had many people supporting their goals as they worked their way to the top.

That’s because having a mentor provides you with a safe space in which you can ask questions and receive feedback that can be meaningful and have an important impact on the decisions you make. They can also serve as an anchor point in your life to help you establish yourself – whether in your personal or professional life – with advice from someone who has already walked the same or similar path.

The effect of a mentor is so pronounced that many business leaders recognize that the same mentorship they received on their way up will also benefit their employees, transforming them into stronger team leaders who can motivate their people toward success.


When an employee needs guidance with their day-to-day duties or overall career, having a mentor can make a world of difference by providing growth advice about the situations they’re facing. The best mentors don’t just give the person the answer, but rather empower them with the tools to help come to conclusions on their own. They can then apply these same tools to solve future issues.

This approach will help the person grow organically toward goals they never knew they had the potential to reach. All it took was the right hand to guide them in the proper direction.

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Whether you’re looking to reach a career objective or enrich your personal life, having a mentor is one of the best ways to get advice and guidance that shapes your present situation and opens up opportunities for the future.

Here are some of the more tangible benefits a mentor can bring you:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Mentors provide knowledge and experience with you so you can apply these lessons to your life in personal and professional settings.
  • Opportunities For Improvement: You’ll get an outside view of your situation from your mentor, who can help you identify strengths and improvement areas to help you become the best version of yourself.
  • Expands Your Professional Network: Mentors are usually well-connected and can introduce you with people in their professional circle who can help set you up for success as your career advances.

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  • Encouragement And Support: If you need the motivation to take risks or are doubting yourself, your mentor will support you with encouraging words that boost your confidence.
  • Trusted Advice: When you need help or an opinion on a big decision, your mentor will know you well enough to give you trusted, straightforward advice that will keep your best interests first and foremost.
  • Priceless Value: Whether your mentor provides their services for free or charges a fee, the value they bring to your life and career is priceless.

One significant thing to remember is that mentorship is by no means a one-way street. There should be a transfer of benefits between both parties. Although the junior in the arrangement might not feel like they have much to offer their mentor, the truth is that they could help their mentor realize that they have a potential for teaching others and help them move in a direction they didn’t think possible.

This realization could lead to a whole new world opening up for the mentor and the possibility of having them consult with your HR department as a corporate trainer.

In many ways, the mentor/mentee relationship results in a win for many parties, even if they’re not directly involved in the relationship!


It’s been said that we become the average of the five people most involved in all aspects of our lives. I believe this to be true. That’s why it’s crucial to surround ourselves with the type of individuals who share our vision, give us clarity and perspective, and keep us motivated to move forward.

So whether you’re shopping for a mentor to support you in your personal life or career, or matching a mentor with an up-and-coming employee, choose wisely.

Tom Chopp is Managing Partner at SWS Warning Lights Inc. He can be reached at 905-357-0222 or

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