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warning lights at construction site

Construction vehicles are often the last to come to mind when we think about the importance of warning lights. When it comes to ambulances, fire trucks and police cruisers, the value of warning lights seems obvious.

While construction warning lights aren’t as infamous as the red and blue flashing siren or the wail of a firetruck on a mission, construction site warning lights are essential. They warn oncoming drivers of the work ahead and direct them to continue safely in their current direction or take an alternative path that has been set up.

This blog will explain the multitude of ways that warning lights act to protect oncoming drivers and workers on site and will show you how to make your construction site safe for all involved.

Light Colour to Differential Warning Zones

According to a study done by the National Library of Medicine, standards surrounding warning light systems are currently advancing towards more coordinated efforts of warning drivers of potential hazards in the most effective way possible. Using different light colours helps alert drivers to the situation and prepare them for oncoming hazards. Typically, construction vehicles will use orange or yellow lights, with flashing lights being more effective than static.

Use of an LED warning light, opposed to other bulbs

An led warning light is more effective than other bulbs because of its durability, which is especially important in a construction zone. Additionally, led warning lights offer superior control for flashing speed as well as brightness to ensure drivers can be alerted but not stunned by these warning systems.

Rigorous Testing and Standardization

The Minnesota Department of Transportation outlines their study of seven different types of warning lights. As mentioned before, these warning light systems are typically amber or orange when it comes to work zones. Their data tracks the impact of these lights on driver behaviour. Studies such as this are vital for ensuring warning light systems are effective and reliable for drivers and workers alike.

Read more here about how the brightness of these safety lights is tested.

Staying Updated with Current Regulation

Staying up to date with regulation and guidelines for work zone safety is essential when it comes to providing the best experience. For example, when Regional regulatory bodies in Quebec and Eastern Canada altered their requirements for flashing and truck-mounted arrows, SWS Warning Lights efficiently developed a new style of LED light to meet these requirements. Following the most updated construction techniques and warning light systems guidelines helps ensure that drivers are directed appropriately, and workers are always protected.

When it comes to taking precautionary action to prevent injury, the importance of this cannot be over-emphasized. That’s why we at SWS Warning Lights have been dedicated to serving this industry since 1969. Proudly Canadian, we supply amber warning lights for commercial fleets across North America.

If you need to equip your team or work zone with warning light systems, we’re here to help. We never compromise on quality and when it comes to your satisfaction, our goal is always to provide you with the best customer service experience possible.

Contact us today to get started setting your site up for safety.

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